Empowering rural women

When women are economically and socially empowered, they become a potent force for change.
In rural areas of Uganda and other developing world, women play a key role in running
households and make major contributions to agricultural production. But the inequalities that
exist between women and men make it difficult for women to fulfil their potential. According to
To achieve equality between women and men in sustainable agriculture and rural development
for the elimination of hunger and poverty; Africa Farmers Media Centre (AFMC) is working
with partners in rural Uganda to reduce post-harvest losses, enable gender disaggregation data
development, enabling sharing gender roles in households and enabling access to and control
over natural and productive resources, to contribute to and benefit from sustainable agriculture
and rural development
Africa Farmers Media Centre (AFMC) with partners for example UNEP- EBAFOSA Initiative is
advocating for the engagement and economic empowerment of vulnerable rural youth and
women through inclusive employment training, ecosystem based adaptation, fabrication of solar
dryers, agri food system and value addition .
This activities , including the Training of Trainers program, mindset change , solar dryer
fabrication, briquettes machines fabrication , agriculture markets and charcoal briquettes making
with the generous support and guidance of UNEP EBAFOSA Initiative
Over 14,000 rural women have been empowered and 59 village savings and Loans Associations
(VSLAs) have been reached

Interventions towards Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment